60-100 lb Trolling Rod With Bent Butt


Product Description

60-100 lb Line Class
5' 6" Total Length
Black Anodized Aluminum Gimbal Butt and Reel Seat
Textured EVA Non-Slip Grip
Blue Wrap with Beautiful Epoxy Work
4 Fuji Silicon Carbide (SiC) Guides
PacBay Swivel Tip
Heavy Action with a Very Strong Backbone
Comes with Cloth Bag For Travel Protection
Perfect Deep Drop Rod

Fuji SiC Guides are super strong and ultra light.
Silicon Carbide is one level of hardness below diamonds
and 12X the hardness of stainless steel.
The guides are extremely smooth and dissipate heat rapidly.
Can be used with braided or wire line.
Great for grouper, tilefish, shark, tuna, and more.

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